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The DigiByte protocol in its simplest form is a leading decentralized and highly secure communications platform built for implementing industry-changing blockchain solutions.

Compared to the Bitcoin blockchain, DigiByte has 40 times faster block timing and is currently capable of handling 280 transactions per second (TPS), greater than the combined processing power of Bitcoin, Western Union and Paypal.

On scalability, DigiByte has a planned and disciplined approach to handling 2,240 TPS by 2021, and 286,720 TPS by 2035. 

Furthermore, DigiByte utilizes five mining algorithms vs Bitcoin’s one, greatly improving the decentralized power behind the protocol, and ensuring the security for transactions and data integrity throughout the blockchain.

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Validated and secure data, recorded with the power of the blockchain .

Real-time distributed ledger data and analytics for on-demand decision making.  Significantly reduces compliance and reporting costs and makes the reporting process more efficient.  

As applied to global industries, supply chain management has proven to be an amazing opportunity to test the auditing power of the DigiByte blockchain through our DiguSign platform.   By allowing for hashing of major production and distribution milestones being met, systems for the supply chain can now interface with a decentralized repository of this information.  

As API connections to various systems is a costly and potentially complicated process, not to mention still only as secure as the database it is hosted on, will not solve the long-term needs of the value chain.

By interfacing with the blockchain through our DiguSign service, companies have a revolutionary way to connect with each other, but also with the security and speed of the decentralized DigiByte blockchain.

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Online & mobile marketing services driven around the millennial consumer.

The DigiByte incentive layer provides yet another means for further decentralization and security of the DigiByte blockchain.  

Our advertising and marketing platforms help to bolster the utility of the incentive layer, by providing both businesses and consumers alike with never before possible reach and impact for interacting online.

Additionally, using DigiBytes as digital marketing dollars has the potential to revolutionize siloed CRM and loyalty program opportunities.  Whether it is for a retail brand, gaming, or sharing with friends, DigiByte as a cross-platform currency maximizes the value for the connected millennial consumer.

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Payment gateway platforms for mobile commerce and in-store checkout.

With virtually no transaction costs, DigiByte serves as a competitive payment method over more traditional providers for both online and in-store purchasing.

Our DigiPay processing platform uses the power of the DigiByte blockchain for merchants to accept payments for goods and services, with easy to integrate API capabilities.

Leveraging the robust processing power of decentralized DigiByte nodes spread across over 100 countries and in every major continent, the DigiByte blockchain empowers merchants to instantaneously process payments.

As similar infrastructure for handling payments would come at the cost of billions of dollars, our DigiPay solution tied together with the DigiByte blockchain is set to revolutionize the digital and mobile payments landscape.

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Sending money to friends and family has never been more social.

Traditional money remittance relies on complicated registration and transmission processes, which comes along with steep transaction costs.

Our DigiByteTip.com platform was created with the intent to make sending money not only easier than ever before, but to have the transmission be handled over social media platforms we all use today.nce relies on complicated registration and transmission processes, which comes along with steep transaction costs.

Ranging from Twitter to Twitch, DigiByteTIp uses DigiByte blockchain technology integrated to top social media sites to handle and process DigiByte transfer between users.

Whether sending money to family & friends, rewarding awesome content creators, or just to say thanks, DigiByteTip is the perfect companion for handling on-demand payments for consumers, as they like it.

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AML/KYC solutions for the next generation of blockchain verification.

Our DigiByte blockchain analysis tools allow for advanced security and verification facilities to meet the needs of financial and business applications.

By leveraging both rules-based as well as suspicion-based automated transactional monitoring tools, we can help bring banks and companies alike up to compliance with the latest needs of the market and create scalable, cost-effective methods for ensuring the safety and security of their platforms.

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